Anti-aging actions

*associated with the active ingredients in the formula


Anti-collagenase action
Anti-elastase action
Action against the glycation of collagen fibres
Stimulation of collagen synthesis
Stimulation of GAG synthesis
Stimulation of cutaneous micro-circulation


Strengthening of the epidermis’ intercellular cement
Stimulation of hyaluronic acid synthesis
Stimulation of anchoring molecule synthesis in the DEJ (Dermal-epidermal Junction)
Instant tensor effect
Regulation of skin desquamation

Global anti-aging actions (dermis + epidermis)

Action on cellular longevity
Powerful anti-free radical action
DNA protection
Stimulation of HSP (Heat Shock Protein) synthesis
Strengthening of the skin’s “immune” defences

Complementary anti-aging actions

Reparative properties
Protective properties
Revitalizing action
Soothing action
Calming action
Purifying action